Summer Online Learning Materials

Overview of Friday Children Online Teaching

Due to the Coronavirus situation, ACC has cancelled all Friday Children on-campus gatherings until further notice.

In order to keep our kids growing spiritually, ACC Friday Children Programs will be uploading weekly on-line self paced learning materials here.  We ask parents to allocate 30-45 minutes weekly at your own convenient time to go over the materials with your kid.

For this summer, the kids are grouped according to their grade level of the previous school year.  In another word, the completing grade level.  For example, your kid who has just completed Kindergarten this past school year is still Kinder for this summer program. 

In order for the kids to get some interaction with their Bible lesson teachers, to ask any question they may have and to share and pray together.  We will have Friday zoom sessions.  Zoom links will be sent via emails.

There are 3 Zoom Sessions on Fridays:
     7:30 - 8:00 pm Pre-K
     8:00 - 8:30 pm Kinder - 2nd Grade
     8:30 - 9:00 pm 3rd - 5th Grade

We will have prizes to give to kids according to the progress record when we come back to church.  (The more works done, the more prizes)

Format of Weekly Learning

New learning materials will be uploaded weekly on Wednesday.  We suggest that parents set a fix time weekly to worship and study the materials with your kids using the below format:

                       1.  Weekly worship hymns
                 Bible Lesson
                       1.  Watch/read the weekly learning materials (video file, ppt, and pdf)
                       2.  Discuss with your kids what they have learnt from the Bible lesson

                 Bible Verse Memorization
                       1.  Recite the Bible verse of the week with your kid (you may need to do this several days for the kid to have the Bible verse memorized)

                       1.  Print out the homework page
                       2.  Have the child completed the homework at your own pace
                       1.  Crafts
                       2.  Other supporting learning materials
                 Record Your Progress
                       1.  Record your progress via this link

Online Learning Materials


                 Pre-K (3-4 Years Old)

                 Kinder - 5th Grades

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